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What Does Files WithGPI And TRK File Extension In Garmin Mean

When using Garmin, you will come across a wide range of files when updating maps and software of the product. However, when it comes to the most common file types, then those are with .gpi and .trk extensions. Let’s find out what the file types with these extensions mean and where they are used.

.GPI File Extension

An unidentified GPI file on your system could be anything from GPS location data to an important system file. And with new software popping up every day, there may be more uses of GPI extensions in the future.

Garmin Point of Interest File

This extension that is mostly used in the software from Garmin is Garmin Point of Interest, which in short form is known as GPI. Files with this extension are used to store the location data for the use in GPS software and devices.

Other known uses

GPI file extensions have also been associated a wide range of other devices such as GameTV Plug-in, GenStat, GNU Pascal Interface, BitWare Fax Software.

User error when trying

It is quite easy to change the file extension, just like how you would rename a file, but there is always a possibility of typos. For the specific software, you will see the following file formats as valid such as, GPI, GLK, BPI, FPI and HPI.

Programming and New Software

Any three letters can be used by the programmer as a file extension, asthere isn’t any standardization. Someone developing new software is free to use GPI as a file extension for any type of file.


A great way to try to deconstruct an unknown file extension is to think as to what an acronym can possibly mean. Common GPI acronyms that may be related to the software development such as generic protocol interface, graphical programming interface, generic product identifier, general salary increase, general-purpose interface and genuine progress indicator.

.TRK Extension File

GPS or Global Positioning System navigation devices are used to help you find your way from one place to another. There are a growing number of brands and styles of GPS systems available, including one that uses archives.

TRK Source

Trk files are associated with the Garmin brand of GPS devices, especially those that use the PCX5 software program to power navigation.


A file with the file extension TRK. It is known as a Garmin PCX5 track log file.


As you drive, some models of Garmin GPS devices allow you to record your route in a file known as a travel journal. These track logs are saved with the file extension TRK.


You can use the route contained in your track log at a later time by calling the. TRK introducesitselftothe Garmin. If your Garmin GPS has a USB cable, you can also connect your device to your computer and import the TRK file.


To view the.TRK file on your computer you will need Garmin MapSource GARMIN software. This program will allow you to print or share your track route file.

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