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How To Fix ‘Voice Command Not Working’ Issue On Garmin GPS?

There can be any reason if  Voice command not working’ on your Garmin GPS. Your device when displays such a message, then it means there is some malfunctioning with the voice command.

Has the full version of the map downloaded?

The voice command sometimes doesn’t work if the entire map of the location is not downloaded in the device. So, wait for a few minutes after the downloading gets finished and check if the voice command has started working or not.

To install the complete map, open the Garmin Express software on your computer and check whether the map is completely installed or not. You can change the coverage of your map from the Garmin Express for any automotive device.

Are the voice and text language the same?

If you have selected the particular language on Garmin and you are speaking any other language, then Garmin will not detect and respond to your command.

So, make the voice command language of the device and the input voice commands of your Garmin the same. The list of compatible languages and its activation steps can be checked online from the support page. You can also refer to the Garmin manual for checking the list of supported languages.

Steps to resolve the Voice command not working on Garmin GPS are discussed here as under:

Try to restore the speech recognition file: The steps to restore the files that are used for speech recognition are:

  • Install Garmin Express on your computer after getting the steps related to it.
  • Connect the computer to the Garmin through the USB cable and read on-screen instructions to get the Express configured and linked to the device.
  • From the ‘Utility’ option, select ‘Languages’ and click on ‘Optional update’. Select the language as per your preference and install it. The recent updates will reflect on the top corner of the Garmin Express window.

Voice command error in the Garmin persistently can annoy you. However, with some tweaks and tips, you can easily resolve the issue.

Try to check the voice command

One of the best methods to get rid of voice command issues is by getting into the Garmin app and click on the ‘Voice command section’.

Go to the tool ‘Voice command’ and uncheck it for 2 minutes. Click on the icon again and tick it. It will start working normally.

There can be Mic issues

Check the connection of your Mic if you are facing a problem in speech recognition on your Garmin device. If the mic is faulty or some settings are incorrectly done, then get that resolved as early as possible. Enable the voice command search from the ‘Garmin’ device and check if the problem has been resolved or not.

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