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How To Find Geocaches With The Garmin Nuvi 760

Geocaching is a popular treasure hunt game and the Garmin Nuvi 760 allows you to participate. As most geocaches are hidden based on the global positioning system (GPS) coordinates and the Garmin Nuvi 760 allows you to enter GPS coordinates, it is possible to navigate to the general location of a geocache and then use the functions of your Garmin. This is done with the help of a good old compass, as with it, it has become possible to get to the exact location of the cache.


  1. Enter for a geocaching website (Resources) and determine the location of a geocache in the area of ​​your choice, according to the instructions on the website.
  2. N/S numerical note of the geocache and W/E coordinates and their formats. Your best bet is to use a pencil and paper a hard copy of the geocache location and description. Take it with you for later use.
  3. Select “Destination” on the touch screen of your Garmin Nuvi 760, then scroll down and press the “Coordinates” icon.
  4. Enter the geocache coordinates, ensuring that the coordinate format matches the format setting in your Garmin. If the formats do not match, click on “Format” and select the appropriate coordinate format. Once the format is correct and the coordinates have been entered, select “Next” and then “Go”.
  5. Reach the general neighborhood of the geocache. If you are on foot, change your Garmin Nuvi 760 to the pedestrian mode by selecting the “Tools” icon, then “Settings”, “System”, “Mode of use”, “Pedestrian” and “OK”.
  6. Stop the current navigation once you get as close to the geocache as the directions will take you by touching the “Menu” and “Stop” button. On the main screen, tap on the green signal bars in the upper left corner to access your current location by coordinates.
  7. Determine whether, based on their current coordinates, which are north, south, east or west of the geocache coordinates by comparing the respective N/S or WE/numbers. For example, if the geocache is located at 34 N 56.789, 65.432 W 087 and your Garmin says it is currently at 34 N 56.654, 65.314 W 087, you have to start walking northwest.
  8. Use your compass to start the game in the right direction, keeping a close eye on how its coordinates are changing, making adjustments if necessary until the coordinates in your Garmin match the geocache coordinates.

Tips and warnings

Many of the geocaches are hidden off-site to prevent non-participants from looting content, so when your Garmin takes you as close as possible, it may be up to you to search the area and use the clues included in the Geocache description locate exactly.

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